Beyond Housing

Education Administrators
Eric Zegel
Deb Dombar
Camille Boever
Gloria Brainsby
Kyra Bland

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St. Charles
St. Louis
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Beyond Housing

Beyond Housing helps entire communities become a better place to live. We do this by providing affordable housing and homeownership services; providing support services to families, children and seniors; being a catalyst for community-wide rebuilding efforts; empowering residents to be leaders of their own neighborhood revitalization efforts; and promoting individual and community asset building.

4156 Manchester
St. Louis, MO 63110

PLEASE NOTE: Beyond Housing requires a follow up session with you before issuing your certificate of completion.

Courses Offered

eHome Money$50.00
eHome Money empowers you to:
  • Understand Credit
  • Manage Personal Finances
  • Prepare for Home Purchase

We work with non profit organizations and counselors to ensure you receive unbiased advice from professionals in your local community.