Thursday, August 22, 2019

Fix an Inkjet Printer or Not?

For many years we have been buying those cheap inkjet printers at the big box stores, the question is always the same, “Is it worth fixing the inkjet printers?”

Most inkjet printers are made to just handle very low volume printing, mostly for home use, many times we become so dependable on these small printers, that we end up spending more money on ink than what the are truly worth.

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From the start those inkjet printers were intended to be very low use, but many companies, aftermarket companies selling you their cheaper version inks (generics), changed many users minds, well that made it even worse, the true is that generic inks, does damage your inkjet printer. The quality of the ink from the generics is terrible, in most cases clogging the print heads and ending throwing away the printers.

The average cost of a printer repair (in Minnesota) can run you up to $130 per hour + parts. And in most cases they printer can not be repaired.

So save your money and d buy a laser printer and you will save money over time and your quality will be much better, and in some cases, depending on the brand, you can get a 3 year replacement warranty.

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