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Neighborhoods, Inc. of Battle Creek

Welcome! You made it this far, we'll go the rest of the way together.

Neighborhoods, Inc. of Battle Creek is a community development organization for the past 30 years, we are proud to expand our services to include these two valuable online education courses:

eHome America homebuyer education course, and
eHome Money financial management course.

You are signing up now for the financial education course. Both programs provide a wealth of education and support whether you are a first time homebuyer, need a refresher course about managing your family's budget, or both!

In addition to the course you are considering, please know that our services do not end when you complete this course. If you need to ask one of our coaches about a specific situation, give us a call or visit our organization's website. We will be happy to assist and there is no additional charge!

Neighborhoods, Inc. of Battle Creek is a partner homeownership counseling agency with the eHome Network.

Neighborhoods, Inc. is also a HUD Certified HomeOwnership Counseling Agency as well as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a program under the United States Department of the Treasury.

The mission of Neighborhoods, Inc. is to help neighbors achieve healthy neighborhoods by identifying leadership, resources, and effective strategies that bring about long term change. NIBC considers a healthy neighborhood to be Safe; Clean; Diverse; Free of Crime and Drugs; Economically Healthy; Caring and Involved Neighbors; and Well Maintained Properties.

47 North Washington Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49037


Courses Offered: eHomeAmerica - Homebuyer Education
eHomeMoney - Family Financial Management

Courses Offered

eHome Money$50.00
eHome Money empowers you to:
  • Understand Credit
  • Manage Personal Finances
  • Prepare for Home Purchase

We work with non profit organizations and counselors to ensure you receive unbiased advice from professionals in your local community.