Portland Housing Center

Education Administrators
Niki Gillespie

Phone: 503-282-7744
Email: nikig@portlandhousingcenter.org
Website: http://www.PortlandHousingCenter.org


Portland Housing Center

Everyone deserves access to homeownership. The Portland Housing Center makes it possible through quality education, counseling and financial services. We are excited to be part of your home buying process!

Portland Housing Center is committed to providing high quality homeownership education. To ensure the highest quality of education, Portland Housing Center requires a one on one appointment with a HomeBuying Specialist following the online course. These appointments can be completed in person or over the phone. After you have registered, Portland Housing Center will send you an email with additional instructions that will help expedite the scheduling of your appointment after your completion of the online portion of the course.

If you have any questions, please contact the Portland Housing Center directly at 503-282-7744 or nikig@portlandhousingcenter.org.

Courses Offered

eHome Money$65.00
eHome Money empowers you to:
  • Understand Credit
  • Manage Personal Finances
  • Prepare for Home Purchase

We work with non profit organizations and counselors to ensure you receive unbiased advice from professionals in your local community.