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Southwest Economic Solutions

Since 1979, Southwest Economic Solutions has been a leader in the planning, development and management of affordable housing and commercial property in southwest Detroit, Our mission is to revitalize our community through collaborative, innovative and high quality projects and by promoting homeownership.

We provide housing to low and moderate income residents including persons with mental illness and the homeless. We stimulate commercial and cultural development through mixed used projects. We also develop and implement neighborhood preservation initiatives.

Our online Financial Training has demonstrated to be a better route for those that are looking on better their financial situation, build or rebuild credit, increase on financial wealth and educate themselves better on money management. There is a onetime fee of $50 in order for the participants to view this class online a their own leisure, in the location of their choice.

Once the participant completes the online training, there is the option to schedule a onetime appointment with a counselor for the printing of your certificate of completion or further training.

Southwest Economic Solutions is located at 2835 Bagley Suite 800, Detroit, MI 48216 above the Michigan Welcome Center.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 313.841.9641 ext. 361 or send an email to

Courses Offered

eHome Money$50.00
eHome Money empowers you to:
  • Understand Credit
  • Manage Personal Finances
  • Prepare for Home Purchase

We work with non profit organizations and counselors to ensure you receive unbiased advice from professionals in your local community.