The Cause of Water Damage

By | May 14, 2020

Our last four articles explored 4 of the most common reasons a homeowner could suffer water damage however what is the MOST likely reason for water damage? Bad weather.

There is no escape from the weather extremes.

The days can be unreasonably hot and damp only to have it rain. Sadly, the rain does not last long and it serves only to turn the day into an unreasonable and undesirable sauna as the rain noticeably evaporates from the ground and awaits the air. This consistent damp expansion with heated compression created chaos with roof materials – which is a good day.

Bad weather

When typhoon season hits all bets are off.

Typhoon season can severely test your home’s building regulations with high winds, a LOT of rain, and constant battery from subsequent particles. While typhoons CAN and DO generate twisters … water spouts (tornadoes that occur over the ocean which normally dissipate when they reach land) are COMMON even in good weather conditions. ANY such “weather anomalies” can damage your asset and produce water damage.

The involved damage does NOT need to be severe or comprehensive a small breach in the roofing is all the water intrusion needed to begin devaluing your asset. Even a small pinprick can enable water to begin ruining your attic and your walls. Regrettably, such minute pinpricks may not be understood up until well after the devaluation and destruction of your property has been in effect for a long time which can be, perhaps, much more devastating then immediate and comprehensive damage.

Prevention is the best method to conserve your possession from damage.

The next best is fast action as the faster the water source is identified and resolved, the less damage there is to restore. In real life, nevertheless, the very first 2 circumstances are seldom the norm. As such, the very best way to return your property to the condition it remained in before suffering water damage (its “pre-loss condition”), is to utilize a professional, independent water damage restoration company.

Water damage repair

Only a professional, independent water damage restoration company has the education, experience, and devices to restore your property to its pre-loss condition in a timely and customer-focused way. Just eliminating the top-level water is inadequate to dry the core of the structure and might inadequate to prevent future problems and microbial growth. You owe it to yourself to ensure your water damaged possession is handled by client-focused water damage experts.